Zappos Pulse Oximeter , Fingertip Oxymeters to Check Oxygen Level , Digital Display High Accuracy Pulse Oxymeter Oxygen Machine

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Product Description

Pulse Oximeters for DoctorsPulse Oximeters for Doctors

Accurate and Reliable:

The Perfusion Index and Plethysmograph Waveform will helps you determine the accuracy of your reading.

Bright OLED Display:

Bright Display OLED Technology allows use in open – from dark surrounding to bright sunlight.

Portable and Lightweight:

The small size of the oximeter makes it easy for you to carry around in your everyday life.

How to ensure the accuracy of your measurement?

1. Moving too fast will affect the accuracy; try to stay still while waiting for your reading.

2. Avoid nail polish or long nails on the finger used for the reading. Fingers should not be wet at all either.

3. Ring finger, middle finger and index finger are recommended as suitable monitor position

Fingertip Pulse OximeterFingertip Pulse Oximeter

High Accuracy Pulse Oximeter For Doctors

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Are the Main functions of this Pulse Oximeter ?

A: This pulse oximeter can accurately and quickly measure your SPO2 (blood oxygen) levels and your heart rate in beats-per-minute.

Q: Can we disinfect this oximeter with sanitizer ?

A: Yes, Use small amount of alcohol or alcohol based sanitizer to clean this silicone finger pad.

Q: Can we use this Pulse Oximeter on children?

A: This device is recommended for users ages 3+ because the Pulse Oximeter may be too big for children with small fingers. This can affect the accuracy of the reading.

Fingertip oximetersFingertip oximeters

Fastest And Most Accurate Readings

High Quality Manufacturing Standards

ACCURATE, FAST AND RELIABLE – This Oximeter Oxygen Level Machine accurately determines your SpO2 Reading in less than 8 seconds
PACKED WITH ACCESSORIES – This Oxymeter Includes 2pcs of AAA batteries to make sure you can open your amazon packet and use it instantly , it also contains a LANYARD for ease of use to either put on as a wrist strap or to be worn around your neck.
4 COLOR DISPLAY : This Pulse Oxymeter comes with Bright 4 Way Digital Display Screen.Best Seller Pulse Oximeter Under 1000 rs.
AUTO SHUT OFF : This Pulse oxygen meter fingertip Automatically shuts off after 8 seconds on inactivity so you don’t to bother about battery wastage. Simply Use it Worry Free. Best Oximeter with Warranty

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