Three Balls Incentive Spirometer for Lungs & Breathing Exercise Device Incentive Respirometer for Lungs and Adults Respiratory Health. (Pack of 1 Multicolor)

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(as of Sep 23,2021 18:57:54 UTC – Details)

The incentive spirometer is used to restore breathing patterns and functioning of the lungs which usually get disturbed due to lung surgery, illness or old age conditions. 3 balls spirometer helps in taking slow deep breaths like breathing exercise which relieve anxiety and stress. respiratory exerciser is an innovative system to exercise respiration through inspiration. lung exerciser is composed of a base and of a central part divided into three chambers containing three balls different in size and colour. For the exhalation we can also turn upside-down the lungs exercise equipment .lungs exerciser strengthens and exercises the lung muscles by encouraging controlled, slow, deep breathing. respirometer can also be used to help restore and maintain lung function. Also known as spirometer/three ball exerciser/breathing exerciser. 3 Ball Exerciser is a respiratory lung exerciser using the technique of Sustaining Maximum Inspiration. spirometer lung exerciser used to improve the lung performance, respiratory spirometer having Innovative design can be dis-assembled into parts for cleaning and disinfection.

USE: Place the spirometer pipe at mouth level, exhale normally before inhaling., Inhale thoroughly until lifting the three balls (if, possible), Hold inspiration as long as possible., Remove the mouthpiece and exhale., Repeat the process.
spirometer 3 balls for comprehensive respiratory fitness from 600cc/sec to 1200 cc/ sec Compact, high quality break-resistant plastic.
Spirometer for breathing exercise having a Washable spirometer pipe For Better Hygiene Key Product Features.
Specially designed with 3 stage chambers to provide morefficient lungs exercise to patient at a step up basis Key Product Features.

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